03. styling explained


01. design philosophy

We collaborate with our clients to design authentic celebrations that tell your story. We create immersive experiences for you and your guests by incorporating all five senses; taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. By connecting all of the senses, we're able to craft an extraordinary event experience that illuminates your history and relationship in every way.

Our Approach

in your special day

Our Role

We are more than your wedding planner. Our job entails a culmination of many roles. We act as your event manager, designer, coordinator, creative director, and stylist. In addition to that, we are your sounding board and your friend throughout your entire event planning journey.  By working closely with our couples, we are better able to understand you and create a seamless wedding experience that illustrates your love story. This relationship allows us to take on the burden of wedding planning like budget tracking and vendor emails and leave you to enjoy the fun parts of the process like tasting that delicious cake and trying on your dream dress.

"We are by your side every step of the way from your exciting engagement to your joyous getaway."

modern romance

effortless elegance

organic appreciation

At Browne & Towers, we are hopeless romantics and think that is what weddings are all about. We want to tell your personal love story in your own unique way. We don't think romance has to be all frills. Romance can be fresh, modern, and chic. 

The beauty of nature is all around us and one of our main sources of daily inspiration. We like to respect seasonality whenever possible and highlight the special reasons you chose your venue and date. We enjoy creating organically infused atmospheres.

We want you to look back on your wedding day in twenty years and still resonate with its elegant style and effortless experience. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to create innovative designs that transcend trends. Timelessness is the vision.

Our Design Philosophy

We love to take inspiration from your favorite journeys and incorporate them into your design story. We've traveled all over the globe and have been mesmerized by the distinct architecture from many unique locations. Some of our favorite styles include ornate French baroque designs, harmonious Balinese designs, and natural Tuscan old world designs.

Inspired By

your travels

We enjoy working with you to weave your unique backgrounds and cultures into your wedding day story. We have experience collaborating on many Indian, Jewish, Catholic, and Asian tea ceremonies. Even if your culture isn't incorporated into the ceremony itself, we love to include it in more subtle ways as a nod to your ancestors and what brought you here.

Inspired By


We want your wedding day to feel like an extension of your lives and a representation of your relationship over time. Your wedding day should feel natural, authentic, and totally you. We come alongside our couples to learn about your love story and understand how that can be translated into your entire event experience. 

Inspired By


Your wedding dress is one of the biggest style statements of your entire wedding day and we love to pull design inspiration from it. Whether that inspiration is translated into your wedding invitation texture or your cake design concept, there are many subtle ways to infuse your gown style as well as your personal style into your special day. 

Inspired By


We take a design cue from the natural setting around your venue as well as the changing seasons. Nature is all around us and we've found it's best to be informed by it instead of fight against it. We equally adore fresh pastel spring blooms, bright summer tones, crisp fall leaves, and the chic minimalism of a white winter color palette. 

Inspired By

NATURE itself



We begin the planning process by getting to know you! We learn all about your event priorities and are then able to develop your personalized wedding budget forecast. Once approved, we begin sharing and booking your foundational vendors such as photography, entertainment, and more.

Our Process


The curation of our in-depth design blueprint is a hallmark we’re renowned for. We partner with you to understand your specific design preferences and create your customized design blueprint. This acts as a visual guidebook that helps us and your vendors bring your wedding dreams to fruition.

Our Process


With your goal aesthetic in mind, we connect with you to hand select your trusted design vendor team. We host a final comprehensive review of your master wedding budget while referencing your ideal design. We then begin collaboration with your team on the logistical and production details.

Our Process


On your wedding day, Amy and Emily will act as your event project manager and creative director to lead your vendor team as we successfully execute your vision. We strive to provide a seamless wedding experience for you and your guests from the initial arrival through to your grand exit. 

Our Process